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Meet Our Teachers


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Dr. Min Kim

Director of Yes Class, K-12 Math and College Math tutor

Min studied math and has a pHD in mathematics, along with a teaching license. She has been teaching for over 30 years and specializes in all levels of math. Her passion and skills in math have helped her teach students deep levels of understanding and find joy in learning.

Ms. Meegan

Math Tutor

Meegan is a student at CU Boulder. She teaches all math levels, mostly 4th to 7th grade and has been teaching with YesClass for over a year.

Miss Jennifer

Math Tutor

Jennifer has been teaching at Yes class for four years and teaches all age groups.

She specializes in high school level math and is currently a student teacher as well.


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Ms. Gale

English Tutor

Ms. Gale has been teaching at Yes Class for over three years and teaches all types of English. She works with all ages, from elementary to SAT levels.

She has teaching experience at many different schools and brings great value to the Yes Class team.

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Mr. Larry

Writing Tutor

Larry is one of our writing tutors for middle school and higher level students.

He is a professor at community college for language arts and has been with Yes Class for three years.


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Robotics Camp Counselor

Rebecca is one of the camp counselors for the Robothink Robotics and coding camp. She is a Mechanical Engineering student at CU, minoring in computer science as well. She loves working with children and inspiring her students to pursue an education in the field of STEM.

Assistant Teachers

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Ms. Shelby

Assistant Teacher

Shelby is a CU research assistant in geology and helps teach math for Yes Class. 

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Elizabeth Anner

Assistant Teacher


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